There's a lot to look forward to

The world changes quickly and in unpredictable ways. Every generation can look forward to
experiencing a very different world in the future. Your choices can make a difference. We aim
to help you make good choices for your life savings.

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About you

You are part of the baby boomer generation who are creating new ways of living in later life. You could live longer than you think which is great news when there’s so much you want to do.

What important choices could you make?

When will you start spending your savings, and how will you make them last?

About you

You are the generation that holds us all together – juggling family life, careers and caring for older relatives. You are strong and your future looks strong too.

What important choices could you make?

How much you need to save, and who will help you with your money?

About you

You are generation Y and you’re not imposed on by social norms and expectations. You've created your own value system. You tend to choose flexibility and experiences over stability. Your future could be full of adventures.

What important choices could you make?

How much will you save, and where will you put your money?

About you

The mobile generation Z – 'always on', passionate about changing the world for the better. You are unconstrained, looking forward to living in a world where anything is possible.

What important choices could you make?

When will you start saving and where will you put your money?

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Your future, your choices

Now that you have heard what your future could look like, see what we can do to help you with your life savings.

With your life savings, investment risks apply - but we'll help you understand what that means at the right time.

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