Strategic partnership with the Phoenix Group

What does it mean for you?

Standard Life Aberdeen plc and the Phoenix Group are committed to the same thing – to be part of a successful strategic partnership that values good outcomes for customers.

Though some of our people, systems and technology have moved to the Phoenix Group, we’re aligned and set up to deliver the experience Standard Life customers have come to expect.

Maintaining continuity of service for our customers is hugely important and a massive focus for both Standard Life Aberdeen plc and the Phoenix Group. You don’t need to do anything and there are no changes to the products you have with Standard Life.

Susan McInnes, CEO of Standard Life Assurance Limited at the Phoenix Group, and Eddy Reynolds, Director - UK Region at Standard Life Aberdeen plc discuss what the strategic partnership means and their commitment to the future.

What this means for you

  • Who should I call?
    You’ll continue to call Standard Life.
  • Do I need to download a new app?
    No. Whenever we make any enhancements you’ll be prompted to update it in the usual way.
  • What else should I look out for?
    The communications you receive and the website will continue to be branded Standard Life.
  • Have my investments changed as a result of the sale?
    No. Your products remain the same; they are invested in the same funds, with the appropriate safeguards in place.

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UK Customers

If you’d like to check the value of your life savings with us you can use online servicing.