Being there for our customers

At Standard Life we support our customers, clients and colleagues, and truly want to help them. Not only throughout the good times in their lives, but the difficult times too.

We understand that someone who appears to be well-off can actually be financially unwell if they aren’t able to manage their money effectively. Similarly, someone who looks fine can be struggling with an illness that you can’t see.

Supporting a cause we believe in

That’s why we’ve decided to champion those who are living with an invisible illness through our new sponsorship campaign. We will shine a light on the challenges faced by people living with invisible conditions and provide a platform for people to tell their Real Life Stories.

Beyond the invisible

Our first event was a gallery exhibition featuring photography by world-renowned photographer Rankin. The exhibition was in collaboration with our first partner, Endometriosis UK. Using augmented reality, the stories behind each portrait were unlocked, allowing the viewer to see beyond the invisible illness and hear the real life story of each person.

The portraits were exhibited in London and Edinburgh between March and April 2019 and the exhibition was a great success, receiving positive feedback from attendees and attracting attention from a range of media outlets, thereby helping to raise the profile of this invisible condition.

You can see the exhibition for yourself at

Our first partnership

We chose Endometriosis UK as our first partner for our invisible illness campaign. The charity is the leading source of support and resource for women in the UK affected by this invisible condition.

Endometriosis is a really common condition that doesn’t get enough attention. 1 in 10 women of reproductive age have the condition, which means approximately 67,000 of our customers could be directly affected. That’s not to mention those that support a loved one with the condition.

Our goal

One of the major challenges faced by the charity and people with the condition is a lack of awareness, even amongst some medical professionals. Our goal is to bring this conversation into the mainstream.

To do this we will work with Endometriosis UK to raise awareness and reduce the stigma. This is about helping people to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

We will also strive to support the charity with their long-term goal of reducing the diagnosis time from an average of 7.5 years in the UK to less than 1.

Emma Cox, CEO of the charity said, “It’s time for endometriosis to stop being invisible and start being a topic we can all be open about"

There’s more to come

This is the first of a series of partnerships Standard Life will be embarking on. We want to highlight the needs of people living with an invisible illness and the challenges associated with long-term health conditions, particularly in relation to planning for the future.