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Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We offer life savings products, like pensions and ISAs, along with the support and guidance needed to help make good financial choices for the future. Our ambition is to be your first choice.

Watch our video with Barry O'Dwyer and Gabby Logan discussing changing futures and life savings.


I'm here with Barry O'Dwyer, Chief Executive of Standard Life, to talk about our changing futures and how that's going to affect our savings.

Barry, it's so hard to imagine what the future is going to look like, let alone how much money we're all going to need to live on.

So, is that something that people talk to you about a lot, Barry?

Change and what that looks like?


They do Gabby, but actually, I think we have to get better at talking about this more and more, because we are all sort of in the same boat now.

We have to accumulate over our working lifetimes life savings that are sufficient to see us through that period of life where we won't be working.


And you haven't even mentioned the word pension there...


Yeah and that is deliberate, some people find the term confusing, there are all sorts of different types of pensions and it means different things to different people.

What we think about is helping customers to accumulate a pot of life savings that they can use for whatever reason.

Now, obviously some people will use it to generate an income in retirement but other people will use it to help their kids on the property ladder, or to pay for care for an elderly relative.

So, there are lots and lots of reasons why you need to accumulate a pot of "life savings", generating income in retirement is just one of those.


And retirement itself is changing, and attitudes to it are.

I am a "retiree" I retired from Gymnastics when I was 18 but I've never worked harder!

I actually can't imagine a time when I won't be doing some kind of work.

Do you think that will become more the norm?


Yeah well, your career is relatively unusual still but actually a lot of people are in the same boat in terms of they are switching careers, or going into something slightly different in later life, perhaps even pursuing a passion that they had early in life.

So, we're seeing, in all walks of life, people taking a very, very different attitude towards retirement than their parents would have.


And what about you Barry, have you got another career planned somewhere down the line?


I have actually (laughs) I'm one of these people who probably will return to a passion from my youth – I've had a novel going round my head for about 20 years so I'll finally get it down on paper.


Well, good luck with that.


Thank you.

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We aim to help you make good decisions with your life savings.
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For most life savings, investment risks apply - so we'll help you understand what this means at the right time.

What could your future hold?

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