Human rights

Respecting and advancing the human rights of those around us is important to us and how we operate. That is why our policies and practices are fully supportive of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organization (ILO) core labour standards, and the UN Global Compact.

Our approach to human rights is reflected in how we treat our people and customers, influence through our supply chain, and contribute to society's progress. As a long-term investment savings business, a key way we positively exert our influence is through our investments.

Responsible Investment

We are a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. We consider a number of factors when evaluating companies that we are, or may become, an investor in. One of these factors is human rights. We assess the company's exposure to human rights risks based on countries of operations and activities. We assess companies' management of their human rights impacts and we engage with companies at risk to highlight issues and promote better practice. We expect that companies operating in or sourcing goods from countries with a record of human rights abuse will take affirmative steps to ensure that they do not violate internationally recognised human rights standards and do not benefit from or use the products of others that do. We expect companies to adopt human rights policy guidelines for employees, contractors and suppliers. Find out more.

Our people

We support the right of all our people to be treated with respect and dignity, which includes promoting positive employee relations and respecting our people's right to freedom of association.

We promote the benefits of diversity and equality and support a culture that values meritocracy, fairness and transparency. Our diversity and inclusion policy prohibits any form of discrimination or unfair treatment on the grounds of protected characteristics in any of our jurisdictions, or because of any other personal factor.

We also commit to providing safe and healthy working conditions for our people. Our health and safety policy sets out our approach to this.

Our Code of Conduct supports our people to do the right thing to achieve the best outcomes for our customers by adhering to the company’s ethical standards. It provides guidance on how to raise issues and concerns including a confidential helpline and whistleblowing policy.

Supply chain

As part of our due diligence process, all suppliers' are asked to evidence what they are doing in regards to human rights. Suppliers' performance on human rights is taken in to account during the tendering process and is part of relationship management meeting discussions. For example, one aspect that we discuss with them is their approach to paying the UK Living Wage. Find out more

Our customers and clients

We want to help our customers to save and achieve their aspirations. We have a customer conduct policy, which sets out our commitment to treating our customers and clients with fairness and respect, which includes being clear in all communications, this is core to our company culture.

We respect our customer and clients' right to privacy. We manage large amounts of data and commit to safeguard this through our protection of information and resilience policy. Find out more

Our community

Our community focus is on helping people into meaningful jobs, which pay a fair wage, allowing people to save for the future and achieve their ambitions. In the UK we are an accredited UK Living Wage employer. We extend this commitment to our interns, our temporary workers and on–site contractors. We also promote the benefits of a living wage to our stakeholders.

Through our community programmes we also support equality of opportunity and work to remove the barriers to gaining employment. Find out more