Our strategy

Sustainability is good for our business

Evidence is mounting that companies that manage non-financial measures perform better in the long term and our investors consider these issues as important.

Our sustainability strategy helps us to manage all our risks and opportunities, allows us to foster innovation, identify efficiencies and provide a positive contribution.

To show how delivering our priorities relates directly to our success we have defined non-financial measures which measure our success and help to drive action.

Defining our priorities

Through our materiality review we gather a wealth of information from inside and outside our business to help define our priorities so we can devote appropriate time and resources to them.

  • The outside world
  • our stakeholders
  • Our purpose
  • outside world

    the outside world

    Understanding what's going on in the world and how this might create risks or opportunities for our business and stakeholders is key to being sustainable. We do a wide variety of work to ensure we are all well placed to respond to, and influence, external trends.

  • Our Stakeholders

    We continuously seek input from our people across the organisation, as well as external stakeholders. We look at the importance of these issues and compare them against the impact on the business to help sharpen our focus and identify our priorities

  • Our purpose

    Our purpose is to invest for a better future. We do it to make a difference. For our customers and clients, our people and our shareholders. This takes the combined skills, expertise and dedication of a team of people who are committed to excellence in all they do

How our priorities fit together

Before we defined our four new priorities we worked towards five sustainability themes - our customers, people, community, environment and operating responsibly.

These themes remain at the heart of our sustainability strategy and link into our four new priorities. Our ambition diagram on the left shows our four priorities and how they fit together.

Responsible business

Investing in a positive culture and having a shared set of values are key traits of a responsible business.  We develop our own culture by helping our people do the right thing, manage risk, volunteer in their local communities and reduce our impact on the environment.

Engaging employment

We want to provide a workplace that is inclusive, engaging and enables people to reach their potential so that we are the employer of choice

Supporting saving

We use our knowledge and experience to support people to manage their money and help them save for the future they want.  We want to be the savings provider of choice for people

Investing responsibly

Our approach to responsible investment and stewardship considers investments as a tool to promote positive change.