Our Suppliers

Our relationship with our suppliers is based on fairness, transparency and integrity. We expect suppliers to uphold the social, ethical and environmental values we have and to manage their approach to sustainability effectively and for the long term.

Sustainable procurement

We are committed to high standards of business conduct. It is part of our sustainable business strategy to operate responsibly and we expect the companies that supply our goods and services to follow good working standards and have strong business ethics.  Responsible sourcing means identifying and managing any social and environmental risks associated with buying goods and services, and to create a positive and constructive relationship between us, our suppliers, and the local communities where we operate.

To help foster this approach, we have introduced our Supplier Code of Conduct. This explains our commitments to uphold these principles and sets our expectations to the companies that we work with.

Our supplier management processes allow us to work with suppliers and when necessary help them to develop their own policies and processes to meet Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibilities.

Supplier diversity

We are committed to building a diverse supply base and will encourage opportunities for diverse businesses (at least 51% minority owned) and SMEs (less than 250 employees and turnover of less than 50M EUR or a balance sheet of less than 43M EUR) to engage with Standard Life for the supply of good and services.

If you are interested to become a supplier to Standard Life, in any of the following areas, please send us an email

Commodity Description
Business Services Where a third party performs a single/multiple business processes which support a Standard Life product or fund.
Consultancy All spend associated with the engagement of an external third party to provide expertise or skills not available in house. This includes professional advice, recommendations, and strategic and/or analytical proposals.
Document Services All spend associated with the production and distribution of documents and sales literature.
Fleet All spend concerning the negotiation of leases, purchase (where applicable), and management of all the vehicles leased or owned by Standard Life.
Insurance Spend related to the provision of Insurance Broking Services
IT Spend related to the purchase of any computer software, hardware and IT services.
Legal Spend relating to the provision of legal advice services.  This may include co-source activities.
Market Information & Data Spend associated with the purchase of third party market data and information or regulatory or legislative updates.
Marketing Services Spend related to goods or services which directly or indirectly support the promotion of Standard Life products, services and brand. This will typically include, digital marketing, social media, creative agencies, sponsorship, planning, public relations, media, advertising, campaigns, customer communications, brand, direct marketing, market research and insight.
People All personnel related spend including permanent and temporary recruitment, training, and benefits.
Premises All spend related to property and premises management within the Standard Life office estate.
Travel & Events All spend related to business travel and external events