Our strategic objectives

Delivering our strategic objectives

We've designed our strategy to help us make the most of our market opportunities and support our world-class ambitions.

The five parts of our strategic objectives: Broadening and deepening our investment capability; Building and efficient and effective business; Developing strong relationships with customers; Attracting, retaining and developing talented people; and growing and diversifying our revenue and profit

Building a world-class investment company means providing real value for our customers and clients over the long term. It takes a commitment to teamwork and excellence in everything we do – and ensuring that our people have the skills, resources and knowledge to deliver. Our strategic objectives are the key areas that we are focusing on to deliver against our business model.

By developing strong relationships with customers and clients and broadening and deepening our investment capability, we can increase assets and grow our revenue. We can lower our unit costs and grow our profits by building an efficient and effective business.

Attracting, retaining and developing our people will support us in performing strongly in the future. Together, our investments in diversification will help improve the resilience of our business model, as well as the value and returns it delivers for our shareholders.

Read more about how we've performed against these objectives in our 2016 Annual report and accounts.