Our business

Investment is at the heart of what we do because it’s at the heart of what our customers and clients want.

Our simple business model

our simple business model

We operate a simple, consistent business model that’s designed to deliver value for shareholders. The way we seek to generate value is equally simple, coming from two main areas:

  1. Driving increased assets, revenue and profit from growth channels across our business
  2. Managing our established ‘mature’ books of business – for example, older retail business – as these provide us with a strong foundation and make an important contribution to our revenue.

We aim to build scalable platforms and propositions, with a focus on lowering our unit costs. In doing these things, we aim to drive profits, deliver growth to our clients, dividends to our shareholders and wider value to our people and other key stakeholders.

Our customer and client channels

We operate a variety of businesses positioned across the value chain. These are designed to meet a range of client and customer investment needs.

A sustainable business model

Our business model takes advantage of four major long term factors that are shaping the savings and investment landscape around the world. Operating this way is one part of how we manage a sustainable business.