About the Board

About the Standard Life plc Board

The Board's role is to organise and direct the affairs of Standard Life plc (the Company) and the Standard Life Group (the Group) to maximise value for the benefit of shareholders, in accordance with the Company's constitution and all relevant laws, regulations and corporate governance standards.

The roles and responsibilities of the Board, collectively and for individual Directors, are set out in the Board Charter. A section of the Board Charter identifies matters that are specifically reserved for decision by the Board.

The Standard Life plc Board and its Committees meet regularly, operating to an agreed timetable of scheduled meetings. The Board has also established a formal procedure for holding unscheduled meetings when, exceptionally, decisions on matters specifically reserved for the Board need to be taken urgently.

The Directors determine the size of the Board, and it currently comprises eight non-executive Directors and three executive Directors. View the current appointment letter for our non-executive Directors PDF (43Kb)

The Board conducts an annual review of the independence of non-executive Directors to consider all issues relevant to their independence.  Having considered the matter carefully, the Board is of the opinion that all the non-executive Directors are independent in character and judgement and that there are no relationships or circumstances that are likely to affect this.

All Directors must be elected by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) following their appointment by the Board, and offer themselves for re-election at every third AGM (as a minimum).