Life admin revealed - things UK adults love to put off

20 July 2016

  • It’s official - DIY, gardening and household cleaning are the tasks we love to put off
  • Checking pensions is 4th on the list of things we put on the backburner
  • UK adults prioritise day-to-day money admin, while longer term planning for pensions, loans and mortgages plays second fiddle
  • Over a quarter (27%) of people with a pension admit to never ever checking it

A survey, carried out by Standard Life Savings, to investigate behaviours when it comes to some basic life admin, shines a light on the things we love to put off doing. It reveals that DIY, gardening and household cleaning come top of the list, closely followed by checking out our pensions. We spend more time organising our garden sheds (67mins) than we do thinking about our pensions (54mins) - although when it comes to actually getting out and doing a bit of gardening, we don’t quite live up to our reputation as a nation of garden lovers - 82% of us admit we put it off until ‘later’.

The study also highlights how we are prioritising our day-to-day money tasks such as reviewing bank accounts (47%), over longer term financial planning such as checking pensions (64%), loans (62%) and reviewing mortgage deals (59%). It shows that more than a quarter of people (27%) never ever check their pension. The main reason people give for putting off checking their pension is that they find it too boring. Similarly, 27% of people who reach potential retirement age (55+) admit to not knowing the basic details of their pension pots like who they are with, policy numbers or where they are invested.

Life Admin - most likely to be on the “I’ll do it later” list

  1. DIY - 86%
  2. Gardening - 82%
  3. Household cleaning - 77%
  4. Checking my pension - 64%
  5. Checking any loans (incl. student loan) - 62%
  6. Reviewing my mortgage deal - 59%
  7. Checking my investments / savings - 55%
  8. Cooking - 50%
  9. Grocery shopping - 49%
  10. Organising my day-to-day budget - 49%
  11. Reviewing my household bills - 48%
  12. Reviewing my bank accounts - 47%

Differences in attitudes between the generations are also clear, with younger people (18-34 year olds) leading the way in keeping a closer eye on their day-to-day finances, as they spend up to a fifth longer reviewing the contents of their current accounts each month compared to those between the ages of 35 – 54. Conversely, with longer term financial planning, almost three quarters (74%) of those aged 35-54 admit to putting off reviewing their pension. But people’s behaviour changes dramatically beyond this age as more than half (53%) of people aged 55 or more are clear that they never put off checking how their pension is doing.

Jamie Jenkins, pension expert at Standard Life comments, “It’s great to see that many people are not putting off budgeting or managing their day to day money, but financial planning for the longer term seems to be something many people delay. Getting into that long-term savings mind set is important as the earlier you start to save or invest, the more opportunity you will have for your money to grow. Thinking about future savings may seem like an effort, but just like the weeds in your garden or that shelf you’ve been meaning to fix-the earlier you get it sorted the better your savings will look. Also, now that more people than ever have access to a pension through their workplace, and technology is making it easier for people to regularly review their savings online, there’s no better time than to get organised and plan ahead.”

Crowdsourced from consumers around the UK, ‘The Little Guide to Financial Admin’ has been created to help people make the most of their money and get their finances in order, providing tips and calculators to help plan your financial future. You can view this at

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About the research

Opinium Research conducted nationally representative in April 2016 across 2,007 UK adults aged 18 and over. Results were weighted to reflect a more nationally representative sample.

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