General meetings

General meeting 2017

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Recommended all-share merger of Standard Life plc and Aberdeen Asset Management PLC

A general meeting was held at 2pm on Monday 19 June 2017 in the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh.

The resolutions

Read the resolutions below and find out how our shareholders voted.

The resolutions For Against Witheld
Resolution 1: To approve the Merger as described in the Circular and Notice of General Meeting*
 818,978,970 (98.60%)  11,626,979 (1.40%)
Resolution 2: To approve the Directors’ Remuneration Policy as described in the Circular and Notice of General Meeting
 715,476,157 (94.55%)  41,212,837 (5.45%)

*As amended at the General Meeting

Issued share capital and total voting rights

On 5 May 2017 – the latest practicable business day before the printing and publication of this notice – the Company’s issued share capital consisted of 1,979,413,496 ordinary shares, carrying one vote each. No shares were held in treasury. Therefore the total voting rights in the Company as at 5 May 2017 were 1,979,413,496.