Analyst consensus

Below is the analyst consensus forecast for some of our key performance indicators. The consensus is the average of estimates for a particular metric and reflects the latest analyst expectations of our business performance. We receive this data from registered investment analysts who represent a variety of financial institutions.


Full year 2016 analyst consensus*
Operating profit before tax (£m)
Standard Life Investments (£m) 370
UK Pensions and Savings (£m) 303
Europe Pensions and Savings (£m) 32
India and China (£m) 38
Other (£m) (59)
Full year dividend per share (p)
Assets under administration (£bn)

Operating profit before tax includes consensus spread/risk margin of £114m.

*Consensus compiled at 16 February 2017, based on 21 analyst forecasts. Please contact the Investor Relations team with any queries about the data.

The forecasts used to produce this consensus have been provided to Standard Life plc by a number of registered investment analysts and are, as such, publicly available information. Standard Life has not verified the accuracy of the information, or the basis of it, nor has it commented on the accuracy of any forecasts, individually or collectively, and it does not intend to do so in the future. Standard Life assumes no obligation to update or revise the information contained in the consensus to reflect circumstances existing after the date this consensus is published.

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