Career development

Whether you join us as a graduate or come to us from another company, we know that your career is your future - and our future depends on the development of your career.


Learning and development

We have a strong focus on development and we’ll support you as you continue to learn and work towards achieving your ambitions.

We offer support with further learning, diplomas or NVQs, to full qualification as a finance professional. We'll also support you with study leave and financial help for professional qualifications.

Your career here isn't just about your role. It's about what you put in, and what you’ll get back - and creating a future to look forward to.


Performance and recognition

We believe great performance should be rewarded. The way we manage performance provides plenty of opportunities to give and receive feedback, review outcomes and recognise successes. We help you understand your strengths and aspirations, and ensure you know what's expected of you.



Developing future leaders supports our aspirations too. We've created our own award-winning programmes that help you find your own style of leadership and are designed to play to your strengths.