We value co-operation and collaboration in everything we do. It drives ideas and an inclusive way of working at all levels of the business.

Our culture

Diversity is a key priority. Everyone at Standard Life has talent – wherever they come from, whoever they are.

From day one, you’ll be helping us realise our ambitions to be a world-class investment company. That takes cooperation and collaboration across all levels of our business. You’ll find your teammates and colleagues are there to help you settle in, to get your perspective on things, and to help push you towards achieving your personal goals too.

An inclusive culture gives our business the right balance of skills, knowledge and experience. This helps us to deepen our understanding of customers and perform to our full potential.


F1 So everyone at Standard Life is really, really friendly, which makes it a lovely place to work, and I sort of expected it would be like that from a small glimpse into the company from the assessment centre.

F2 Being part of a big community of graduates is great, because it means there’s always something going on in the evenings or at weekends. You also get the chance to meet people from different backgrounds, but because everybody’s in the same position, friendships form quickly and you can build up a support network around you.

M1 So the key benefits of working at the headquarters of a large group or company are that you are surrounded by investment professionals, and this makes you see every aspect, and you can get involved in any aspect of the business.

F3 It’s great being part of a big community of graduates, because it’s like when you start uni and you’re initially quite daunted by the prospect, but then you realise there is so many others in the same boat as you.

M2 I think what’s really surprised me about Edinburgh, is even though it’s quite a big city, I would say, for finance, you’re still able to live so centrally quite cheaply. I have a lot of friends from university that if you want to work for such a big, world class finance company you have to move down to London, and the quality of life here is so much better.

F4 Standard Life Investments has a great open natured working environment. People value their relationships with their colleagues and are willing to help in any kind of situation. They’re also very sociable and happy to meet up for coffees and organise team events.

F5 There are a lot of opportunities to get involved in different networks, such as the Young Persons Development Network, or the Women’s Development Network, but also all employees get three days off a year to do volunteering, which is a really good way to give time to causes that you’re passionate about.

M3 The Young Persons Development Network organise talks from people in different departments, and they also run a mentoring programme. It’s been particularly useful to me because it’s given me great exposure to senior leaders across the business, and it’s helped me understand what Standard Life does as a whole.

M4 My perception of working life before I joined Standard Life was nine to five, it’s very strict, very regimented, but when I came in, Standard Life was very accommodating to suit my own preferences and schedule. Whether I might come in a wee bit earlier, or having an extended lunch, it was...they’re very focussed on making you feel comfortable, which was important to me for settling in.

F6 I think the working environment was a lot more welcoming than I expected. I thought it would be a lot scarier. I thought everyone would just be quite serious and like head down and working on things, but actually everyone’s been so friendly, and they’re always happy to help.

F7 Your team quickly become your friends rather than just your colleagues, and so coming into work and sort of getting out of bed each day is really, really easy, and it is just a fabulous place to work.

Running a sustainable business

Our aim is to secure a sustainable future for our business and to meet the needs of all those who rely on us to do the right thing. We've made real progress on our sustainability goals; check out the highlights below.


  1. Responsible business

    We encourage our people to make the most of the three paid volunteering days we provide. This year we’re aiming to reach 1000 days.

  2. Employment

    In July, to focus our efforts and show our support for improving the representation of women in senior roles across our industry we signed the new UK Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter.

  3. Savings and pensions

    We launched our financial inclusion panel. The aim of the panel is to look at practical ways we can become more inclusive and accessible for a range of customer groups who are not currently well served by the financial services industry.

  4. Investment

    Standard Life Investments are sponsoring Good Money Week for the second year, to raise awareness of sustainable, responsible and ethical finance.


  1. Responsible business

    We gained our highest ever DJSI and FTSE4Good score, these are globally recognised indices which assess our sustainable business practices.

  2. Employment

    We started our award winning Young Persons Development Network (YPDN) set up by and for people in the early stages of their career.

  3. Savings and pensions

    We believe auto-enrolment, making pension saving something employees are automatically signed up for, is a great way to encourage a savings culture in the UK. In 2015 around 822,000 of the 5.2 million new pension savers were saving with us.

  4. Investment

    Standard Life Investments won the Extel 2015 Award for Socially Responsible Investing/Environmental, Social and Governance (SRI/ESG).


  1. Responsible business

    For the first time we diverted 100% of our UK waste from landfill meaning it is recycled, reused or used as fuel.

  2. Employment

    We became an accredited UK Living Wage employer.

  3. Savings and pensions

    Our innovative product 'Good to Go; designed to help employers set up pension schemes for their employees in under 6 minutes won the UK Pensions Awards "Auto-enrolment Innovation of the Year Award".

  4. Investment

    Standard Life Investments won 'Best-in-Class' for Socially Responsible Investment, at the Benchmark Fund of The Year Awards

Young Persons Development Network (YPDN)

This award-winning network, set up and run “by young people, for young people”, helps young people come together, network and support one another during their early careers.

LGBT Network

Our LGBT network is open to any of our employees interested in improving diversity and inclusivity at work. It provides a forum for our employees to raise awareness and share perspectives on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues.

Women's Development Network

Our women’s development network promotes personal and professional development through events, networking and mentoring, and is open to any employee to join

Our people also run networks for working carers, armed forces’ families and LGBT allies.

Once you join us, you’ll find a variety of social and sports clubs too. They’re a great way to make new friends and plug yourself into the social side of working life.