Standard Life share portal

The Standard Life share portal is a fast and easy way to see up-to-date information about your shareholding. From here you can manage your shares online - helping us to reduce the amount of paper we send you and the amount you have to then recycle!

Depending on the type of shareholding you have, you can

  • see how many shares you have and what they are worth*
  • see details of any payments made and any dividend payments due
  • update your new address, if you have moved home
  • let us know about changes to your bank details
  • download a range of documents, from terms and conditions to our latest shareholder communications

* there is a delay of approximately 15 minutes

How to register

Before you can fully manage your shareholding online you need to register for an account. Registering is easy and only takes 5 minutes - you just need to confirm:

  • your surname
  • your shareholder reference number
  • your postcode, if you live in the UK

Once you've registered you'll receive a letter with a code in the mail - you need this to activate your account.

Already registered but not yet activated your account?

If you've already got a letter with your activation code - all you need to do is visit the share portal and login with your username and password. You'll then be asked to confirm your code.