Shareholder information

2014 final dividend

We paid a final dividend of 11.43p per share to our shareholders on 19 May 2015.

Welcome to the shareholder information homepage. In this section you will find the latest information for shareholders, tips on managing your shareholding and how to get in touch with us or our share registrar Capita.

David Nish to step down as Chief Executive

David Nish is to step down as Chief Executive, to be replaced by Keith Skeoch.

2015 AGM

Our AGM was held on Tuesday 12 May 2015 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

Return of value payment

The return of value payment was agreed at our general meeting on 13 March. As a result, we returned 73p per share and/or any fractional entitlement to our shareholders, based on shares held on 13 March. This was paid on 1 April.

B/C Share Scheme - Irish election forms

Delay in receiving election forms originating from the Republic of Ireland.

Dividend calculator

You can work out your dividend amounts due to you by using our dividend calculator.

Return of value - tax considerations

A guide and examples of how to apportion base cost relating to the return of value payment

Get your dividend documents online

You can download important documents like your tax voucher and share purchase advice note on the Standard Life share portal.

Standard Life share portal

Manage your shareholding on the share portal.

Unclaimed Assets

Around 73,000 people have yet to claim their cash or shares from the demutualisation of The Standard Life Assurance Company.

Financial calendar

To see details and dates for the full financial year visit our financial calendar