Stay safe online

Going online is an everyday activity for most of us these days. But not everything online is safe, or to be trusted. Fraudsters are criminals. They can be of any age, gender or race. They can operate from anywhere in the world. Their aim is to steal your money, your personal information or your identity - or all three. They are ruthless and do not care how much misery or inconvenience they cause to innocent people.

How to protect yourself

Some straightforward tips to keep your identity safe

Staying safe online

Staying safe online can be easy and straightforward by applying some simple rules and knowing what the most common fraudsters scams are. We've produced a summary of helpful tips to keep you and your personal information secure.

For more detailed information, visit or the specialist websites listed on our links page.

Common scams

Need information on types of scams or been emailed asking for your login details? If you have received any unsolicited emails which look suspicious, please do not open any attachments or click on links and simply delete the email