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We offer a range of products and services through our different businesses around the world, all designed to help people save for their future.

Asia Pacific


HDFC Life Limited (HDFC SL) is a joint venture with Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited. The company's HQ is in Mumbai, with a network of branches throughout India.

HDFC SL sells a range of savings, pensions, protection and group term assurance products. These are sold by its own sales people and through intermediaries such as financial consultants, corporate agents, brokers and bancassurance partners.

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Heng An Standard Life Insurance Company Limited (HASL) is a joint venture with Tianjin TEDA Investment Holding Co. Ltd., which is owned by the Tianjin Government.

HASL sells a range of savings, investment and protection products in Tianjin (a Chinese Municipality) through intermediaries such as bancassurance partners and financial consultants.

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Hong Kong

We offer a range of flexible investment-linked and protection products in Hong Kong. These are sold primarily through intermediaries who belong to Hong Kong's professional broker associations.

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Republic of Ireland

We offer a range of investment and pension products to individual and corporate customers. These are sold through intermediaries and banks throughout Ireland.

Our main office is in Dublin. It's also the head office of Standard Life International Limited, which offers offshore investment products to UK-resident customers.

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Our business in Germany sells with profit, investment- and unit-linked life insurance products. These are sold through financial advisers only. Our office is in Frankfurt.

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We sell with profit, investment- and unit-linked life insurance products through financial advisers. Our business in Austria is licensed through our German operation. Our office is in Graz.

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United Kingdom

Standard Life

We sell a range of savings and investment products to customers, employers and through intermediaries like financial advisers. Our head office (and the group's HQ) is in Edinburgh.

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Other businesses in the United Kingdom

We own several businesses in the UK; each one provides specialist products and services to a wide range of industries. You can find out more about each one in the list below:


Threesixty provides a range of business support services, including compliance and business development consultancy, to UK financial services firms.

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Focus Solutions

Focus Solutions offers software and consultancy solutions to financial services firms around the world.

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Vebnet specialises in employee benefit packages for businesses. They combine their expertise in technology with a consultancy service to provide firms with tailored employee benefits for their workforce.

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Standard Life Investments

We are an asset management business, based in Edinburgh, with offices throughout the world. Our expertise is in managing a wide range of investments including equities, bonds, real estate, private equity, multi-asset solutions, fund-of-funds and absolute return strategies.

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Standard Life Wealth

We offer an independent discretionary fund management service with a range of specialist investment solutions. Our team works with private clients, international clients, charities, financial advisers and other professional intermediaries. We have offices in London, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol and Birmingham.

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Third parties

We have dedicated sites for our advisers, brokers and pension scheme administrators.

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