Jobs outside the UK

At Standard Life, we are proud to be an international business with a rich heritage. We have many opportunities available outside of the United Kingdom.

Standard Life Canada


Our largest and longest established operation outside of the UK, Standard Life Canada offers products and services that include group savings and retirement, group insurance, individual life insurance, savings and retirement, mutual funds and portfolio management. With a heritage of over 170 years and with 2000 employees and 1.4 million Canadian customers, we have significant reach in our sector in North America.

Standard Life International

Republic of Ireland

Standard Life Assurance Limited in Ireland focuses on providing innovative investment and pension solutions to individual and corporate clients. From an international perspective, Standard Life's offshore business, Standard Life International Limited, is based in our Dublin office, offering offshore investments to UK resident individuals and intermediaries.


Based in the continental European financial hub of Frankfurt, Standard Life Versicherung offers a range of with profit, investment linked and unit linked life insurance products.


Established in 1999, with sales headquarters in Graz, Standard Life Versicherung offers a range of with profit, investment linked and unit linked life insurance products.


Our joint venture company in China, Heng An Standard Life Insurance Company Limited (HASL), was launched in 2004. HASL distributes a range of individual savings, investment and protection products, as well as group protection products, primarily through bancassurance partners and financial consultants. This joint venture roots us firmly in emerging markets.

Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, Standard Life (Asia) Limited provides highly flexible and customised investment-linked and protection products for our customers in the Hong Kong market with growth opportunities to be realised in the region and beyond. Importantly, we offer a comprehensive fund range, utilising multiple external fund managers.


Our joint venture company, HDFC Life Limited (HDFC SL), was established in 2000 with our partner, Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited. HDFC SL is headquartered in Mumbai and has an extensive network of branches on the Indian subcontinent. Find out more about opportunities emerging from this significant Indian based partnership.

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