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What is it like to work at Standard Life?

Meet some of the people who already work with us and hear about everyday things that make Standard Life stand out.

Our approach to recruiting

We commit to treating people who apply to Standard Life in a courteous, professional and caring way.

Job search

Search for our latest vacancies. Find out all you need to know about current opportunities with us, and then apply online.

Graduates and interns

Our dedicated graduate and interns site will help you find out about beginning your career with Standard Life.

Working for Standard Life

At Standard Life, we believe everyone should have a future to look forward to. That means looking after our people, our customers and our shareholders.

Global Opportunities

In addition to the many opportunities in the UK and in Asia and Emerging markets (AEM) we also have opportunities in other parts of the world.

Hiring Process

We feel it's important to be open about how we select and interview candidates to give you the best chance of impressing us.